The MOBIB card: Your key to mobility

The MOBIB card provides a single medium for the transport tickets of the four Belgian public transport operators. It greatly facilitates mobility throughout the country. There are two types of contactless cards: the personal MOBIB card and the MOBIB Basic card.

The personal MOBIB card can be used to load a range of transport tickets: passes, single journey and multiple journey tickets.

The MOBIB Basic card (non-personal) can be lent to other people! It cannot be used for passes or discounted transport tickets.

You can buy your MOBIB card and load transport tickets from SNCB, STIB and TEC as well as De Lijn and other partners.

You can find specific information about the MOBIB cards from the different operators by clicking on the operator logos below.

Each operator issues their own personal cards. The MOBIB Basic card is issued by STIB and TEC.