We, BMC public limited company (Rue Royale 76, 1000 Brussels), understand that your privacy is important to you, which is why we do whatever it takes to respect it. We do not collect personal data directly from a MoBIB card holder. We do receive and exchange personal data from the Belgian public transport operators, their mobility partners that use the same cards and in between those operators.

Those data include personal information concerning:

  • the MoBIB card (MoBIB number, serial number, expiry date, active or deactivated)
  • and the linked transport contract (product number, first and last validation, journey start and end, class, validity period)

Your data will only be used by BMC, the Belgian public transport operators and any of their partners in order to facilitate the interoperable utilization of the MoBIB cards and transport contracts linked to those cards.

We shall not transmit your personal data to third parties to promote their products or services.

We use your data to provide support on sales and after-sales services provided by the Belgian public transport operators by enabling exchange of card & transport contract data between these operators. This enables the following customer services:

  • replacement of a MoBIB card, including the transport contracts of other operators to enable a “one-stop after-sales”,
  • writing of a transport contract bought online, via the equipment of another transport operator, to ensure the transport contract is as quickly as possible “ready-to-use” by its holder.

We also gather data on the consumption of trip based contracts (e.g. Jump in Brussels) for inter-operator settlement.

In all these cases we collect the minimum amount of data needed to fulfil our service obligations. The data can be transferred to other natural or legal persons acting as subcontractors for BMC. In that case, they only have access to the data they need to perform their task. You are entitled to access your data, request corrections or to have your data removed if so desired. As we do not collect the data directly from the MoBIB card holder but via the Belgian public transport operators we recommend to send your request to the operator hereafter and we shall execute the required actions upon their request.

We commit ourselves to take all the appropriate technical and organisational measures needed to protect your personal data from destruction, loss, involuntary modifications, deterioration or disclosure.

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